Halotherapy FAQs

Halotherapy FAQs

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What Is Salt Room Therapy?

What is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy is a natural healing method used to treat a wide variety of conditions including respiratory ailments and skin ailments. It can even help reduce stress and anxiety. Salt Therapy recreates the atmosphere of a natural salt cave. This is done by dispersing a high concentration of a dry saline aerosol in a room that has walls covered in salt bricks.

How does Salt Therapy work?

Salt Therapy is very simple. You sit comfortably in the Salt Room for approximately 30-45 minutes while relaxing, and breathing in the fine salt aerosol. The salt dissolves bacteria and pollutants in the body, reduces inflammation in the lungs, and improves respiratory function.

How Safe is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy is 100% natural and safe. It can be used as complementary therapy to allopathic medications and prescriptions or used as a sole drug-free therapy.

However, being that this is America, we say that the information contained herein is provided for informational and educational purposes only. And although in Canada and Europe, Salt Therapy is highly recognized as a viable approach for treating illnesses and even covered by healthcare, we make no medical claims and intend all the information on this website to be for educational and entertainment purposes only. All products and services including written information, labels, brochures, and flyers as well as information provided by telephone verbally or in any other medium of communication, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For all of your health concerns, please consult an appropriately licensed healthcare practitioner. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your healthcare provider.


The Salt Lounge & Sauna Spa and Float Into Wellness, as well as its employees and representatives, make no medical claims regarding this information and recommends that all medical conditions be treated by a physician competent in treating that particular condition. The information given by us is only as an opinion and does not infer that the treatments and/or products and services are medically accepted or substitute for same. The Salt Lounge & Sauna Spa, and Float Into Wellness take no responsibility for individuals choosing to utilize their services in lieu of a medical provider. Use of this information is at your own risk. Your use of this website and its contents is an agreement of your understanding of the terms herein.

What To Expect During Your Salt Room Session

What is a Salt Room experience like?

It is very pleasant and relaxing! You arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to check in, put your belongings in your locker, and get settled into the Salt Room. For the session, you sit or recline comfortably in one of our five zero gravity chairs along with the other session participants. During the session, you can read a book or magazine or simply sit quietly and enjoy the quiet break from technology. There is nothing to be done during a salt session but relax and breathe in the halogenated air.

What temperature is it in the Salt Room?

The salt room is kept at an average room temperature. We typically keep the room between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will I be alone in the Salt Room?

Most likely not, unless it is a slow hour and you happen to be the only one who booked. But usually, during the public salt sessions and the family salt sessions, you will not be alone in the Salt Room. Each session can accommodate up to 6 guests. However, the space is meant to be a relaxing space – all guests are to remain quiet to ensure the best and most relaxing experience possible for all of our guests. If you would like the room to yourself, you must book it as a private rental.

What do I wear into the Salt Room?

Whatever you are comfortable wearing- street clothes, work clothes, sweat clothes. In salt sessions, you are fully clothed and relaxing comfortably in a reclining chair. The temperature of the room is between 68-72 degrees. If you tend to run chilly bring or wear a sweater or sweatshirt. Come dressed in whatever you are going to relax and feel most comfortable in.

Do you provide anything for the Salt Room experience?

While in the session, the room is equipped with zero gravity chairs that recline back if you choose. We also have blankets in case you get chilly.

What weight can your zero gravity chairs hold and do they recline?

As per the manufacturer, our chairs have a weight limit of 300lb per chair. If you are above that and need to make other arrangements, just call prior to booking so we can discuss other options. Yes, the zero gravity chairs can be used to sit upright or can be reclined back.

Do I need any special equipment or clothing or items?

No, just bring yourself! You will be fully clothed, so dress comfortably. If you’d like you may bring ONE book as we do not allow electronic equipment or baggage into the salt room. Bring a sweatshirt of you tend to run chilly. It is encouraged to just sit and rest and enjoy!

What can I bring in the room with me?

You are permitted to bring one book, a bottle of water that must have a lid (lids with straws are fine) and a sweatshirt. We do not permit electronic equipment in the salt room. It is best to leave electronics and any valuables at home, as we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. During public family sessions, you are allowed to bring kids’ books, coloring book and crayons and 1 or 2 toys. Coloring on the walls is strictly prohibited and will incur a $100 fix-up fee. The room has closed-circuit cameras for your protection and ours.

Can I bring my own music into the Salt Room?

No, we encourage our guests to use this time to sit quietly, rest, meditate, read or even sleep. We do not permit technology in the Salt Room but you can bring a book, headphones or eye masks if you’d like to make the experience more relaxing.

I am claustrophobic. Will I feel cramped in the Salt Room?

The Salt Room is spacious. We only host 4-6 guests at a time as to not overcrowd the room. We believe that our spacious Salt Room will not make you feel cramped at all. At any time if you feel nervous, you can quietly step out. There is no lock on the Salt Room door so you are free to come and go easily.

What if I need to get up or use the bathroom during the public sessions?

If you need to stretch your legs you can, but we ask that you be considerate and quiet of the other folks in the room (with the exception of family sessions, where moving around may be happening). If you need to step out and use the restroom or take a break, you can, but please do so quietly. We also ask that for the consideration of others that you use the restroom before the session starts to be considerate of others. If you need to leave early, you will still be charged for the full length of your scheduled Salt Room session.

Cleanliness / About The Facility

How are the Salt Rooms kept clean?

Salt itself has the incredible power of absorbing bacteria. This natural property of the salt maintains the nearly sterile condition of our salt room. In addition to the salt, the room is kept clean by our trained staff. After every session, the room surfaces, door handles, and chairs are all wiped down with disinfectant wipes and the floor is swept and mopped. Our equipment is also cleaned between each use.

Is there a risk of catching a cold or infection from other clients in the salt room?

The micro-climate of a Salt Room is said to be 3x cleaner than a sterile surgery room, making it nearly impossible to catch anything from other guests during your visit. Salt is an anti-bacterial agent that kills almost all bacteria on contact. Additionally, our Salt Lounge has a filtered ventilation system that draws used air out and pumps clean, conditioned, filtered air in. And lastly, we take cleanliness very seriously. While you are in session our staff is constantly wiping down floors, handles, and our facilities surfaces. You will see our room is equipped with Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, and wastebaskets.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have lockers for use while in the Salt Room as we do not allow electronics or baggage into the room. However, we encourage you to leave your electronics and valuables at home, as we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items, even in the lockers.

Policies / Rules

What is Salt Therapy?

What time should I arrive for my Salt Therapy/Halotherapy session?

You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your Salt Therapy session. This allows for check in and getting you settled in our salt room

What if I arrive late? What if I miss my Salt session?

If you arrive late, we reserve the right to refuse you entry to the Salt Lounge. If you arrive late for your appointment or if you miss your Salt Session for any reason, you are still responsible for the cost of your session.

What is the cancellation policy?

Your credit card will be charged 24hours before your appointment. Appointments may be canceled or changed at any time up to 24 hours prior to your appointment. Changes can be made online in your account. Please note that answering machine messages and emails will not be considered as a valid form of cancellation, you must cancel through your online booking account. You will be charged the full price of the appointment if anything less than 24 hours notice has been given. Appointments can be gifted or sold to someone else, but there will be absolutely no refunds given after the deadline has been missed. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Do I need to make an appointment and how many people are able to enjoy the room at once?

Yes, making an appointment is advised and can be done so online. We have 6 zero gravity chairs available for every session. New sessions begin at the top of every hour.

Is Salt Therapy covered by insurance?

Health insurance in the United States does not cover Salt Therapy. However, you may be able to submit your Salt Therapy bill to your healthcare flexible spending administrator. Contact your insurance provider and/or your accountant to see if Salt Therapy can be considered a flex spending cost. Be sure to ask our staff for a receipt to submit to insurance when necessary.

Is the Salt Room monitored?

Yes, the Salt Room, since it is used for public sessions, is monitored by a camera. In addition, the hallways, the lobby, and the entrances are also monitored for the safety of our staff and clients. Just to note-There are NO cameras in either the Float Room or the Sauna Rooms.

Can I lick the salt wall?

As tempting as it may be, licking or even touching of the salt wall is strictly prohibited as oils from your hands will deteriorate the precious salt bricks. If we catch or see you on the monitors touching or licking the salt wall you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund and be charged a $100 fee.

What if I break something?

It is your job to be mindful and respectful of our property. Any broken or damaged equipment will require payment to repair or replace as well as any downtime of our facility we incur. The Salt Room is monitored by cameras as it is a public room.

Health and Wellness with Salt Therapy (aka Halotherapy)

Which ailments can be treated by Salt Therapy?

Salt Room Therapy aka Halotherapy has been used for:

• acne • allergies • asthma • breathlessness • bronchitis • chemical sensitivity • chest tightness • colds & flu • cough • dry rales • eczema • ear infections • hay fever • pharyngitis • pneumonia • psoriasis • respiratory disorders and infections • sinusitis • smoker’s cough (secondhand too) • sleep apnea • snoring • stress • tonsillitis

• Respiratory ailments – Allergies, asthma, bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia, emphysema and a variety of other respiratory ailments report significant relief from Salt Room Therapy.
• Skin Ailments – Eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues often find relief from Salt Room Therapy sessions.
• Relaxation/Stress Reduction. The negative ions from the salt often improve moods and promote relaxation. Many people use salt room sessions to get a break from stress.

Does Salt Room Therapy really work?

Since the early 1900s thousands of Salt Room users in Canada and many countries in Europe have been benefiting from Salt Room Therapy. There are many clinical studies that show that after a series of sessions completed 2-3x a week, patients’ breathing improved as did symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing. In addition, participants medical drug use decreased significantly. Even Dr. Oz has touted the benefits of Salt Therapy on his show.

There are many studies out there, we have listed just a handful to get you started on your research.

Cystic fibrosis http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa043900#t=articleBackground
Respiratory Disorders and Infectionshttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10161255
Skin Conditionshttps://salttherapyassociation.org/wpcontent/uploads/Halotherapy_for_Dermatology.pdf

The Salt Therapy Association lists many studies as well

Who cannot use Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy is a safe and natural treatment but all clients who have serious health conditions or anyone who is pregnant should check with their doctor first. Halotherapy is not recommended for people who have the following conditions, but as in all cases, please check with your doctor.

  • Contagious diseases that require quarantine
  • Cancer
  • Active Tuberculosis
  • Unstable or uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Intoxication
  • stage 3 COPD
  • Use of an oxygen tank to aid breathing
  • Cardiac insufficiency/severe heart disorders
  • Spitting up blood
  • Acute stage of kidney disease

Isn’t introducing salt into the body bad for you?

It is a common known fact that eating too much salt can lead to many serious health conditions. However, salt therapy does not involve introducing salt into the digestive system. The salt from salt therapy does not come in contact with the stomach, heart, or kidneys. Rather, the salt enters through the respiratory system. This healthy method of introducing salt into the body can actually improve a variety of health conditions.

Are there any side effects from Salt Room Therapy?

Not usually. As the body works to loosen and remove excess mucus, you might see a brief time of increased cough or a tickle in the throat, but that usually subsides quickly and is a great sign the Salt Therapy is working well.

Can I use the Salt Room if I am pregnant?

Yes. Salt Therapy is completely safe (and even beneficial) for expectant mothers. It can be great for mothers who wish to have less dependence on over-the-counter and prescription medications for conditions relating to the sinuses and the lungs. Even more, the ionized salt is beneficial for the immune system and can help protect you and your baby. Be sure to talk to your doctor before stopping any medications you are currently on.

Can I use the Salt Room if I am on medication?

Yes. You can use the Salt Room regardless of any medications you are on. Salt Therapy, though it can aid in the healing process, is a complementary treatment. Many who enjoy the benefits of Salt Therapy find they rely on certain medications less, but remember – you should always follow your doctor’s advice and talk to your doctor before stopping or reducing your medication.

Is Salt Therapy safe for children?

Yes, children as young as a few months old have been reported to benefit from this drug-free approach to wellness.

How many Salt Room sessions do I need?
Although you may feel some relief after just one session, we do recommend a series of sessions to start. Consistent Salt Therapy provides the best results for your respiratory wellness.
Chronic Conditions – With chronic conditions, the industry standard is 3 sessions per week for the first 6-8 weeks to start (see chart below). For many of these conditions, after the recommended time, symptoms often subside and relief can last for several months before another session is needed. In serious, irreversible conditions, continued sessions might be needed at 1-2 sessions per week as needed.
Colds and Flu– For a cold or flu, we recommend coming every day or every other day at the first sign of symptoms.
Relaxation – Since Salt Therapy has de-stressing, relaxing effects. Those who come for stress relief and relaxation simply come as often as they like; it is beneficial for calming the nervous system.
Preventative – Also Salt Room sessions can be used as a preventive measure to strengthen the immune system against colds, cough, allergies, and sinusitis. One weekly salt room visit is said to equal 3 days by the sea.

Salt Room Recommendations based on Eastern European Publications:

The following are the recommended number of sessions for chronic and acute illnesses based on Eastern European published clinical reports. All sessions are recommended to be completed over a 6-8 week period of time. These numbers are not prescriptions, but rather suggestions based on what other countries are doing. (See citation below*). You are mandated to be attentive to your own wellness plan and include your doctor in any choices you consider. Salt Room Therapy is not meant to go against allopathic medicine, please do not ever discontinue your doctor’s medical prescription without consulting him or her first. Also, there are many more acute and chronic conditions that salt room therapy is recommended for that are not listed here.

Acute sinusitis 3-5 sessions/every other day
Adenoiditis 14-18 sessions/2x-3x week
Allergies 12-14 sessions/2x-3x week
Asthma – intermittent, mild 12-14 sessions/2x-3x week
Asthma – moderate or severe 18-21 sessions/2x-3x week
Bronchitis – acute or recurrent 12-14 sessions/2x-3x week
Bronchiectatic disease 20-25/2x-3x week
Chemical Sensitivity or Sick Building Syndrome12-14 sessions/2x-3x week
Chronic obstructive bronchitis 18-21/2x-3x week
Chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis 14-18 sessions/2x-3x week
Chronic sinusitis 14-18 sessions/2x-3x week
Cold & Flu prevention 5-7 session/every other day
Cystic fibrosis 20-25/2x-3x week
Eczema 12-18 sessions/2x-3x week
Hay fever 12-14 session/2x-3x week
Multi-chemical sensitivity syndrome 12-14 sessions/2x-3x week
Pneumonia after acute stage 12-14/2x-3x week
Pollutants – after contact with – industrial & household 12-14 sessions/2x-3x week
Post Surgery Scar Healing 12-12 sessions/2x-3x week
Psoriasis 12-18 sessions/ 3x week
Respiratory infections, influenza, viral 5-7 sessions/every other day
Skin pathology 8-25 sessions/2x-3x week
Smokers 12-14/2-3x week
Tonsillitis 12-14 session/2x-3x week
Vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusopathy 14-18 sessions /2x-3x week


MINISTRY OF PUBLIC HEALTH OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Halotherapy Application in Treatment and Rehabilitation of Respiratory Diseases, Methodical Recommendation No. 95/111, Moscow 1995

Methodical recommendation was discussed and approved by the Scientific Board of the Institute of Pulmonology of the Russian Federation.

Clinical-Research Respiratory Center, St. Petersburg – Doctors A.V. Chervinskaya, S.I. Konovalov, O.V. Strashnova, N.G. Samsonova

Institute of Pulmonology of the Russian Federation, Moscow – Doctors A.G. Chchalin, I.D. Apulcina, I.E. Furman, A.A. Bondarenko, M.V. Samsonova

Who Can Use the Room and When

When are salt sessions available?

Salt sessions are available 6 am – 11 pm and start at the top of every hour. Certain hours throughout the day are designated for family sessions. Private Sessions can be booked anytime as available.

What types of salt room sessions are there? What is the difference between Public Salt Sessions and Family Salt Sessions?

Public Salt Sessions are for:

  • For adults and children 13 years old and over who can sit still and quietly

Public Salt Sessions are 45 minutes long
There are 6 spots available.

Family Salt Sessions are for:

  • Children 12 and under
  • Anyone who is unable to sit still and quietly at any age.
  • Children and adults who need an accompanying caregiver

Family Salt Sessions are 30 minutes long.
There are 6 spots (up to 3 families) available as each child/differently-abled person must be accompanied by an adult.

Private Salt Sessions are for:

  • Anyone who wants to have the room to themselves for 45 minutes
  • To gather friends or family. You can have a total of 6 in your private rental party. Some people use private rentals for:
    • Girls Night Out
    • Couples Experience
    • Bridal Parties
    • Moms Gatherings
    • Family Time
    • Friends Gathering

What age do I need to be to use the salt room?

Any age! We offer both public salt sessions and family salt sessions so everyone can benefit from salt room therapy.
Ages 13-100 AND able to sit still and quietly- book Public Salt Sessions.
Ages 12 and under- book Family Salt Sessions, which require an accompanying adult.

Can I rent the salt room out for a private session or a group session with my friends/family?

Yes, you can book the entire room for yourself or for your party (up to 6 guests) to enjoy privately. Some people book privately to have the room to themselves. Some like to invite friends and family or to enjoy as a girls night out. It can also be used to create a family experience or to gather bridal parties or a friend’s reunion. It is a great place to treat friends and family to a wonderful experience. Remember conducting business is strictly prohibited. Pricing and information on our salt pricing pages.

Can I rent the salt room to do business in, such as teach my own yoga or meditation classes?

No, using the salt room to conduct business is strictly prohibited. If we catch anyone doing this we will end your session immediately without a refund.

Family Salt Session FAQs

What if I have 2 children, do they each require an adult?

No, we allow 2 children for every adult, so long as the adult is responsible and can handle both children. For family sessions, children can bring in 1 or 2 quiet toys that they can play with. Each child pays individually for the family session price though. So if you have an extra adult who can/wants to come- bring them, as it is included in the second child’s booking.

I have heard that salt room therapy benefits people with Autism is this true?

Please see our Benefits of Salt Room Therapy page for our take on this.

What if I am unsure if my child/differently-abled child can sit quietly? My 11-year-old can sit quietly can I bring them into the non-family session?

We understand that there will be times when the lines that determine who goes into which session will be grey. We will leave it up to your discretion. If you do choose to book your child in a non-family session and they are unable to stay still quiet and potentially disturbing other guests, you will be asked to leave without a refund. Better to err on the side of caution and see how your child responds in a family session first.

What if my child or I break something?

It is your job to be mindful of our property as well as watching your children to do the same. Any broken or damaged equipment will require payment to repair or replace as well as any downtime of our facility we incur. The salt room is monitored by cameras as it is a public room.
Please bring in books, quiet toys or something to engage your child with. We expect you to stay with them and attentive at all times. Children and differently-abled persons can walk around, sit on the floor, but they may not jump on the chairs or touch the walls, equipment or decorative items in the room.
We understand that in some cases for differently-abled persons or for very young children to stay engaged may be through electronics. In this case, we allow it for them, NOT for the parent/caregiver. All parents and caregivers are expected to have eyes on their child at all times.

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